Frequently Asked Questions

Send us a request through our contact page, it can take up to a week for us to respond so please only send one request, we will get back to you. We do not take requests over the phone.

Our list is a first come first served based on the order you contacted us. When your name comes up, you will be contacted and given the choice of what is available in that current litter.
We generally send out one follow up email the next day for you to verbally commit if you haven’t already. If we do not hear from you, we move on to the next name on the list.

When contacted you will have three choices:
– pick a puppy and place a $500 non-refundable deposit
– ask to stay on the list for the next litter (you will not lose your place but please note there could be a price difference on the next litter).
– pass all together and ask to be removed from the list.

We currently do not have a waiting list, but when we do it is approx 3 months. 

No, but we kindly ask that you contact us if you find a pup before we can get you one or your situation has changed so we can remove you from the list. It takes a lot of time and effort to contact people when litters are born. It also affects our estimated wait time and is unfair to future families asking to be on the list.

Please contact us for pricing since pups will vary, they come with an AKC limited registration and health guarantee, see our contract for details

Yes you can visit by appointment. We do offer a Face Time virtual tour.

Most Bostons only need a 24″ crate, we prefer the ones with the hatch on top for easy cleaning.